Thursday, February 16, 2017

Minnie's SpankingLand

A spanko friend of mine sent this to me and was saying how he thought this would be so cool if they had this spanking machine at Disneyland.  I told him that I thought they should create a spanking amusement park for ADULTS and call it Minnie's Spankingland!

He then came up with the idea of a 'fun house' filled with various spanking machines for people to try out, and instead of 'baby changing stations' in the restrooms, there would also be 'spanking stations' (like park benches), located throughout the park, complete with an attached set of small implements where naughty boys and girls (of consenting age!) could be turned over a knee and dealt with on the spot, AND also last but not least.....if ladies acted up at the park there would be 'Adult Baby Diaper League' stations where they could promptly be diapered and put in 'little girl' clothes before being escorted throughout the park by their 'Mommys & Daddys' (got this idea from 'SpankingToons' love that guys artwork!). I like how my friend assumed that only the ladies would act up and need to be put in diapers.  Believe me, I am happy to put a naughty young man into a diaper as well, if he is misbehaving and not acting like the adult that he is.

Alright now that we got the idea going, who's going to be the next "Walt Disney" and make our fabulous "Minnie's SpankingLand" a reality?

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