Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Miss Jenn, You are the Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly of the Spanking World"

Miss Jenn, you exude an aura of class, grace & femininity that seems like it's from another era.  I feel like you are the Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly of the spanking world! When I am with you, I feel like I'm in another time period..one where life was slower paced, women wore dresses & skirts, and discipline was a staple in every household, as well as in the school system. You have a way with the paddle that takes my breath away...although I suppose that could be from the intensity of the paddling you gave me. I feel like I have a very high pain threshold, and you definitely pushed me to that limit, making me take more than I ever thought I could...but you are so beautiful, MissJenn, that I want to do and take anything for you.  To show you my devotion.  I cannot wait to return to Seattle once again to be over your lap.

- Tom

Thank you, Tom, my, that is quite the compliment! And thank you for the lovely testimonial.  I certainly enjoyed spanking you and am looking forward to your return trip to Seattle...and of course over my lap.

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