Monday, February 6, 2017

James From Nashville Wrote a Lovely Testimonial

Thank you, James! I had soooo much fun spanking you & having you worship my feet. I haven't even left and I'm already looking forward to coming back. 

I want to say Miss Jenn is  simply amazing in what she does as a disciplinarian.  I was given the best spanking I have ever received in all my fetish scenes of role playing. Without a doubt she is a master of giving out painful spankings as I ask for. She has one right arm as I can't sit down yet after two hours.  Everytime I thought the spanking was coming to an end, I was bent back over for some more, very good techniques that she brings to a session, keeps you on your toes. She must have had everything memorized on my application I sent her, she did everything and more that I asked. She is a professional at spanking, and the best I've ever seen since I've been in this lifestyle.  

  And I asked for having my mouth washed out with soap. And she did and did it well, I can still taste it in my mouth 2 hours later. She is a master at that as well. She grabbed me by my ear and marched me into the bathroom like the little step child I was.

  And lastly, her feet were so beautiful.  She has the softest feet and toes I've ever been able to worship. I just loved her beautiful toes, well pedicured and really enjoyed the natural look she had was displaying. I didn't want to stop worshipping them.

 To sum all of this up, Miss Jenn is a ten in everything she did during our session. I live in Nashville TN and hope she comes back again because I will be seeing her everytime she travels back thru. If anyone has doubts or wants a session with her and is unsure, take it from me, you are truly missing out on a fabulous Disciplinarian with gorgeous feet and toes!!!

         Thank you so much for the greatest session of my life Miss Jenn and hope we can meet again when your in Nashville TN, 


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