Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Sub Helping Me Set Up and Administering his Discipline

For those of you who have listened to my audio clip "My Sub Helping Me Set Up" on NiteFlirt or Patreon, that scenario actually happened & here are the photos from that lovely evening. Feel free to go to my "About" page to find the link to sites I host my audio's on.
Nipple torture!
I dressed my sub up in nothing but a lil bow tie, which he wore while helping me unpack & set up.


  1. I am new to Miss Jenn and someday I am going to take her Sub Place and he is a lucky many fake Mistresses out there in their cheap leather outfits....THANKFUL TO FINE HER.....GEORGE FROM ILLINOIS

  2. He's one lucky boy for sure. How are your spankees responding to the colorful twisty rubber toy?