Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Foot Session with "Dirty Feet"

James from Nashville, could not get enough of my feet or my spankings. After our initial session, he sent me an email telling me how much he had enjoyed his time and wrote up a testimonial. He then sent me a request asking me if he could come back for 2nd helpings! I was only in Nashville for one day, so James here ended up being my 1st session of the day, as well as my last session of the day!

For his first session we did a combo of spanking and foot fetish. For his 2nd session he told me his bottom was rather worn out (and that says a lot since this man can take pain! See all those tattoo's he's got?  Tattoo's as well as spankings are quite painful & he can really feed off the pain) and that he wanted to just do foot fetish but with a twist... he wanted dirty feet! So here I was trying to figure out how I was going to get dirty feet? It was a freezing cold night in Nashville, was I just going to run through the parking lot & around the grass near my hotel barefoot? I was picturing what the hotel staff at my very nice hotel would have thought of that! Luckily James sent me an email telling me that he would bring the dirt. Yay, problem solved!

I had so much fun on my Nashville trip that I am already planning on coming back in April.  Check my travel schedule for more info!

Interesting in reading his testimonial? Here's a link:


  1. Sounds like Nashville's got the next big thing, but instead of singing, she spanks!

  2. Miss Jenn is the next Nashville Star!!! I still couldn't sit down that night or for several other nights but I asked for it and got it. I have seen other Mistresses that said they could spank but nothing like Miss Jenn, no comparison at all. All seemed scared and couldn't give me what I asked for but not Miss Jenn, she was remarkable! !! I'm so glad she showed no mercy during the spanking. But loved her beautiful, soft feet so wanted one more chance to worship them before she left and she allowed me to. Thank you so much for such a wonderful day I had, hope you enjoyed it as well Miss