Sunday, August 14, 2016

Spankings at the Bar

So I'm at the bar the other night.  And in all my time of going out various bars and nightclubs I have never seen anyone give or get a spanking at the bar. I'm hanging out with some friends/acquaintances and meet this girls I've never met before. Later that night, she sticks out her butt and is asking our mutual friends to give her a spanking. Within about a minute of watching the spanking shinanigans I can tell that this girl isn't just having a "drunk, I'm trying to get attention" type of spanking, but is a true spanko.

It was just hilariously funny that my friends were trying to get me to partake and spank her, and giving me advice. The advice was "run across the bar, then take a couple hops, wind up your arm and hit hard".  Obviously not my style at all... That and the fact that she was wearing jeans, and although I did swat her a bit, spanking through jeans is so rather blah in comparison to the bare bottom spankings that I am so used to giving. My friends all just thought I was "just being shy" and were giving me advice like "it's ok to spank her, she likes it. She wants it hard". It was probably the most hilarious and ironic night out at the bar I've had in eons.  Oh the irony of it all..

Now don't get me wrong, from a voyueristic stand point, it was super hot to watch this girl get spanked in a public venue like a bar with a good portion of the bar watching the shenanigans going on...but from a spanker's perspective, it just didn't feel super great spanking jeans. This photo is more my style of spanking that would have been fun if it had really happened.


  1. If its not on the bare its not a spanking!

  2. Perhaps you should have told her to get those jeans down NOW :)
    Now that would really have been HOT !!!!!