Sunday, August 21, 2016

Need Help Finding Chains

If someone can find me 3 chains like this, I would greatly appreciate it.

-Must have the two circles at the end
-Approx 2.5-3 ft long
-Loops in the chain must be large enough to hook a caribiner (such as in the above photo) into the loop

Any spanko's who can help me out with this?


  1. Just like this as it is basically a choke chain like you find at many pet store's
    I will look on Tuesday and if I find one that is of the correct length I will add it to your paddles after they dry!

  2. Thanks Jack! I did check out a pet store here but the choke I bought, the chain was too small so the caribiner was not able to hook into it (as in the photo above). I ended up returning it...

  3. Are you still looking? If so I will make them. I assume you need four matching ones. - Pat

  4. Pat, I did receive one chain (yay!!!) but need 2-3 more. Feel free to email me if you can make