Monday, August 29, 2016

Tied to the Massage Table


  1. So when her friends were Texting she messaged back "Kind of busy right now but will get back with you when I'm not so tied up!

  2. Jack, how did you know? She actually did receive a text during this time. And...with her permission, I responded that she was tied up at the moment, but would respond later. hehe ;)

    1. my wife did not bother to tie me on our massage table. She always invited a couple of her friends along to assist her so I couild be held in position, but that was rarely needed as I rather enjoyed the spanking or caning -my lovely wife did not cane too hard and it was often part of our 'role play', although her friends were not aware that they were part of our games1 ! We really enjoyed it and the comforting she gave after was fab!

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