Thursday, August 11, 2016

Spanking & Scissors Combined, Oh My!

What a wicked combo for this poor boy...


  1. I have no doubt that he deserved all he is getting on his bare bottom ! I hope he will also feel the sharp strokes of her cane after the bottom warming is over.Will it be 6 or ten strokes ?!

  2. Well he should have taken his last punishment without moving about so much trying to avoid his caning!She will have to use a batbrush with a long handle to reach his bum ! (I hate the bathbrush it hurts so much) He will then realise he cannot avoid the cane and will stand up and bend over a long caning with the usual rattan cane 1/4 inch thick ! He will probably recieve 15 strokes on his bare buttocks and thighs and will find sitting down painful as twinges flash across his buttocks for some time and being embarassing to hide his constant moving about and perhaps little gasps , from other people ! KM