Monday, August 15, 2016

Lady In Red

Playing with Princess V who was wearing the most beautiful red dress.  Spanking her on the massage table that I had her restrained to. Poor girl, I had her bound and gagged, as well as collared.

Later we did some OTK spanking on the bed, and I got to play with the new paddles that she got for me (thank you V!). I swear, each time we play, it ends up getting better than the last.  Talk about a fun night!


  1. Who knew, even princesses get spanked!

  2. The lady's bottom reminds me of my wifes bottom when I first met her at a dance ! She still lived at home and sometimes she would sit very gingerly and one day confessed her Mum had caned her for being rude, when she told her off for smoking ! That was 4 years ago ! WE married a year ago and I have continued her Mums discipline and I spank her BTM and accepted a new cane from her Mum shortly after our wedding! I only cane her lightly for our role playing games which we both enjoy ! Some spanking has to be harder some times, which she accepts for punishment for various matters including being caught smoking ! She has recently asked me to give her a sound caning if she ccontinues to smoke and I have agreed the first on is due at week end ! I might just surprise her by inviting her Mum along as she frequently talks about her canings at home!