Sunday, July 31, 2016

Is Seeing a Pro Cheating???

I know this is a very common question "Is seeing a Pro considered cheating?" and I think Ms. Marwood does a very good job answering this question, so I'm posting it here in case you haven't already seen it on my friend, Andy's blog "Someone's Gonna Get It".   Ms. Marwood is a legend in the spanking world and has been spanking for over 12 years in NYC.  If you haven't already heard of her, you East Coast bottom's better get yourself over her lap and fast (and I happen to know for a fact that I have a HUGE East Coast following, so no excuses!).  She & I are actually in the process of discussing possibly teaming up on the East Coast to host some doubles sessions, possibly in the coming year.  Enjoy!

Dear Ms. Marwood,
I just found out my husband went to a woman he found online for a spanking. I was shocked, of course. And I feel betrayed in a way. Is that considered cheating? You must spank your fair share of married men? Love your thoughts.
Dear Marcy,
That is a fantastic question. I’m SO glad someone asked it!
It kind of makes me chuckle when I hear that a girlfriend or spouse has found out her man is seeing me and thinks, by doing so, that he’s “cheating”. In fact, I have suggested that he invite her to one of our sessions to see how far from the truth that is! (I don’t allow any “hanky pinky” in my sessions. No one touches anyone else’s private parts, OR their own! And it’s rare that and pro spanker would allow any of that. )  In my opinion, Spanking Roleplay Sessions are the least seductive genre of all bdsm activities. First of all—and I think this is true of most pro spankers—I have no designs on anyone’s husband. If anything, I have a maternal attitude toward the client. And, I will confess, I have a little ego involved. I take great pleasure when a client emerges from my little spanking parlour and pronounces, “That was the best spanking session I’ve ever had.”  That’s the challenge that interests me. Not seeing if I can break up a happy home.There are many reasons men (and women) choose to see a professional spanker. I’ve been doing this for over a dozen years and I have not yet met one guy who utilized it as an avenue for infidelity.
But if you wonder why your husband kept this a secret, here are some reasons clients have shared regarding that: Some are afraid to tell anyone that they enjoy spanking. There can be a social stigma attached, or he fears his wife will ridicule him for enjoying an unconventional form of eroticism. (Note: In many cases, spanking doesn’t even have an erotic component for the enthusiast.) In other cases, a man feels his spouse would view him as weak or less masculine, or think he’s a “pervert”. There are even people who would simply rather not be spanked by their wives or girlfriends. They love and crave being spanked but it just doesn’t fit their view of the dynamic of their relationship and they’d feel weird about it.  They’d rather enjoy it in a totally separate universe from “normal reality”.  Then, again , of course, there are many, many men who have told me they long to express their spanking interests to their wives but, for whatever reason, they’ve come to the conclusion that they can’t and shouldn’t… or have tried, only to leave feeling humiliated and chastised. So don’t assume that his secrecy indicates a desire to cheat. If cheating was on the menu, he’d probably pick a very different avenue.
A lot of men just prefer to keep their fantasy lives separate and private unto themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. So if you ladies stumble on the fact that hubby has engaged a professional disciplinarian, rather than rushing to judgment, how about just trying a little curiosity? Encourage him to share with you what excites him about what is, to you, a strange desire? Moreover, if you’re married to a spanko, you ladies could very likely make good use of that to get him to do almost anything you wanted to take on his little adventure and use it to “motivate”. How does having him do laundry and pick up after himself regularly sound for starters?!

Links again to both Ms. Marwood's Site & "Someone's Gonna Get It".  By the way, on one of my last visits to LA last year, I got to take Andy over my lap and oh my did I have a fun time with that!