Saturday, July 16, 2016

Providing After Care

Absolutely essential for every spanking, especially those that are incredibly harsh!

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  1. My wife likes to give me aftercare or rather my bottom ,is where I need it! she does like to use various implements and one is particularly embarrassing! The cane or tawse is very punishing but she doea like to give me the martinet ! I am usually punished with my legs apart and this means the thongs can land all over my bum ,thighs and into my bottomm cleft, where they sting the insides of my cleft and go down to my anal area and hitting the 'bulleye' ! This does sting a lot sometimes! This naturally has to have after care with ointment or some soothing cream! This is embarrassing if some friend or her mother are present, wanting to look down itnto the depths of my cleft to see for theem selves ! I do like my wife applying the soothing creams on my bum and down in the cleft ! She is very under standing of my likes !