Friday, July 15, 2016

Adventures in Portland!

Oh my, I think this was my funnest Portland trip yet! But this city is always a blast!

On this particular trip I did an evening Miss Jenn Experience (MJE) at Oba, a fantastic restaurant with Nuevo Latino cuisine and got to check out a bit of the Pearl district, a very hip area of Portland.  As well as a daytime MJE for lunch on Hayden Island overlooking the riverfront. And many other great sessions sprinkled in between.  One of which was a husband & wife who came to see me, & what a blast the three of us had! This charming man needed a long thorough punishment, and he brought his wife (who was a knock out, by the way!) to witness his spanking as well as learn from me. He had hoping to also bring his Mistress along, however due to circumstances that did not work out. Talk about a lucky guy who has a hot wife who spanks him & a mistress who punishes him as well?!? Anyways, 2 hours later we finished up an intense but fun discipline session as well as lots of mentoring throughout, and his wife and I really tagged teamed him well, at times he was getting spanked from both sides.

I think I got to meet the funnest spanko's in Portland :) But if I somehow missed you & you are a fun spanko, make sure to look me up on my next Portland trip.
The wheelbarrow position, always one of the most vulnerable positions you can be put in!

Such a nice pink/purple coloring of the bum! Like a beautiful sunset...

Such a naughty boy, I caught him wearing my panties. He got quite the spanking for wearing women's panties, tisk tisk!

I counted and it looks like I brought 31 implements with me to Portland and I got one as a gift! So 32 implements in all for this particular trip.

The flip flop spanking!

The flip flop in action

Lunch on the riverfront

Another naughty bottom.  Be prepared for some video's to come out over the next few days.

And yes, if you ever want a female witness to your spanking, to be spanked along side a female, or for you to be a voyeur and watch a female being spanked, this is typically possible in Portland as well as Seattle.


  1. Awesome pictures Miss Jenn! Thanks for sharing them with us. And for everyone else, if you have never been to see Miss Jenn yourself, you are missing out on a very special experience. She is a wonderful woman and extremely talented in the use of her implements. From a light spanking to the most extreme, she knows her stuff and you will NOT be disappointed!

  2. Miss Jenn... from the look of my very red and very sore bottom the gray silky panties offered me absolutely no protection from your skills, very effective implements, your skills as a disciplinarian and determination to administer a very very hard spanking to my naughty bottom. It was by far the longest and hardest spanking I have ever endured and I am grateful to you. It surely pushed my limits!! Thank you and hope to see you again soon when I return from my overseas trip. I get this feeling that the next spanking you administer to me will be even harder that this spanking�� Hugs.