Monday, July 11, 2016

Very Disappointed with the Paddle Maker Who Made This Paddle!

So very disappointed in the new paddle I got at the Texas All State Spanking Party. A very sweet boy got this OTK Leather Studded paddle as a gift for me just shortly before the Naughty Boys Party.  On the very first strike, I lost one of the studs.  With a long line of naughty boys waiting to be spanked there was no time to look around for where the stud went...and sadly at this point in time the vendor fair had ended and no way to go back and exchange it. 

If any of you recognize who makes this paddle from the picture above or the photo I took below of their price list, please tell them that Miss Jenn is very disappointed with a paddle that comes apart the first time you use it. They should be spanked hard & scolded for this misdemeanor!  Now sadly all my photos & videos will show this embarrassment of a paddle. Completely unacceptable! Very disappointed with the quality of this workmanship.

1 comment:

  1. That the stud came out really sucks! That the paddle still carries a great sting is something I know first hand! I hope they replace the paddle for you at the very least.