Saturday, July 30, 2016

You Are Going Across My Lap!

So tell me, have you been a good or were you naughty? Be honest now, I'll know if you are lying...

YOU, are going over my lap!
It's time you met my hairbrush. 

Don't keep me waiting now...The more you stall, the harsher your punishment will be. 


  1. I definitely need to go across your lap and meet your hairbrush along with whatever else you think I need.

  2. You look fantastic here! These must be my favorite pictures of you!

  3. You really look the best. Ready for special gifts. Silvio

  4. This is the most enticing series of photos you've posted. Adequately teases how a session with you may begin. Would make an excellent banner!

  5. Lovely photos. Can imagine you as a kinky and strict piano teacher. I'd definitely be up for many lessons. And sitting on that hard piano bench would be oh so difficult.

  6. I think we both know the answer to that question Miss JennD and we also know that the only remedy for that behavior has not been dealt with! :"-(
    Perhaps if you are willing and my wife and I come back to Seattle you can test out the rods of correction I made for you!

  7. GLAD Everyone Liked the Pictures I took when Miss Jenn came over to my place and posed next to my Piano.....before.....well you know what happens to 'Naughty boys' ;)

    1. ! My wife made me go for 'music lessons' from a friend of hers, but she and I knew the music she talked about was produced by me wailing out of tune as my wife sat and watched me with another couple of friends, being very soundly spanked after my teacher undressed me and put me over the piano stool !She really did whack me quite hard with her hair brush and then her cane!My voice did reach some high notes! My wife then inspected my bum and thighs ,reminding me not to be rude to her friinds in future, but said she felt I could do with another 6 strokes of the cane! Ouch!