Thursday, March 31, 2016

You Embarrass Me So Much


  1. Oh my you are so hot! I want that lucky naked man to be me!

  2. I certainly enjoy the role of being a naughty boy! Nothing better than a confident woman who orders me to remove my clothes and puts me face down over her knee for a sore bottom spanking experience.

    1. I failed to persuade my wife I was only being polite talking to her guests whilst she was busy with last minute things in the kitchen ! She was very annoyed and sent me to our study to get her strap and cane ! She tookme into the lounge and explained to her lady guests! They were all for it when she showed them the cane and they helped her undress me below the waist as I tried to resist! A few mimutes in the corner bare below the waist as she warmed me up with her hair brush on my bare bottom !I was of course blushing deep pink whilst my bottom was already rather red ! They insisted fristly rubbing my bum for me before my wife bent me over a chair ! Oh she did swish the cane down on my bare bum cheeks ,pausing every 4 strokes to examine my bum and commment to the ladies about the marks and ridges covering my bum and thighs !When she stopped after about 16 stokes the ladies were able to come and look a my cheeks close up, and rub my bum better they said but squeezed me and slapped me adding to the pain! When they went home she relented and applied soothing cream and give me more 'great' comfort which is why I love her so much !