Sunday, March 6, 2016

Now This Would be a Fun Place to do the Miss Jenn Experience At

I've been waiting for over a year for this place to open.  It's in Bothell, WA and fantastic! It's got 5 bars, a public pool, hotel, and movie theater.  There are also fire pits all around and even in Feb, people were sitting outside around the fire, having a cocktail and catching up with friends.


Have you been naughty? You might get sent to the Principal's Office (or shall we call it Miss Jenn's office?)  I do like the fact that my office is a bar, hehe ;)

THE ENFORCER (This should instill fear)


Which room did you get?

The movie theater was showing Deadpool. They even have a limited food & alcohol menu


What a cool lamp this was.  This is up in the Tikki bar which overlooks the pool

The Tikki pool.  Open to the public during "public swim" times.

Is this a spanking bench? Might just need to be a tad longer... Think about how uncomfortable this would be for the poor spankee...Tisk, tisk. This should be incentive to be good.

More Tikki stuff


  1. What an awesome place! The pool is the most beautiful of all to me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The pool is pretty awesome! It's been closed the past 2 weeks I've gone, but I hope it will re-open soon :)