Saturday, March 5, 2016

Crie's Testimonial

Thank you, Crie for the lovely testimonial. This was quite a unique & fun experience we had with you & your *boyfriend* hehe!

Doing a doubles session where I can help make the fantasy of someone else come to life, is such a rewarding experience!  As a spanking enthusiast, working with  Miss Jenn is always a special treat. She expertly orchestrates the scene as it plays out.

I was asked if I would write about my recent experience in just such a session.  Miss Jenn's ability to step in, take control and walk a person through their fantasy is amazing.  I have had the unique experience of being both over her lap and being there as an active participant as someone else is spanked.  This time I was both witness and spankee.  I took on the role of her innocent teenage daughter and the man involved was my not so innocent boyfriend.  He and I were caught not only coming in past my curfew but he was also caught trying to take advantage of me.  Such a naughty young man!  

We all had talked about what he wanted in the session.  Miss Jenn so naturally can take your hand and guide you through the fantasy that has been playing out in your head, with ease.  Watching her work is pure joy.  When she is in a session, her voice takes on the voice of authority, leaving no doubt about who is in charge.  Before and during a spanking, when she scolds, she can and does seem to reach right inside that person and touch the deepest of emotions in them.  

As I watched her spank my *boyfriend*, I also watched the caring woman behind the paddle.  As she spanks or paddles, you have her undivided attention, guaranteed!   She checked his bottom repeatedly.  She inspected all marks as they began to appear.  Her fingers went over areas of his bum as they changed color, checking for soft or trouble spots. 
In this session, I was also spanked.  Don't for a minute think that she takes it easy on me.  If you want to see a female spanked, you are going to see a real spanking.  Yes, it hurts and yes she leaves marks on me as well.

Others have said that if a person does what they love, they will never work a day in their life.  This is so true when it comes to Miss Jenn.  With an implement in her hand, even her stance changes.  At that moment she is not a disciplinarian, she is the Disciplinarian.

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