Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Friendships Should Always Be Nurtured" Part 2, A Story By Edward

Friendships should always be Nurtured
Part 2
By Edward

Well here I am in the cell phone lot of my local airport, the flip side of my trip to Seattle. Waiting for my BF Jenn who was flying in to visit me this time.  As you may remember from my first story, Jenn and I had grown up together and been Best Friends since 1st grade.  A friendship I have always nurtured but had, for a very small period of time, not paid the degree of attention to that our friendship really deserved. During that time I had allowed my personal wants and desires to make an expedient decision, without thought to how this would affect my BF Jenn.  That disrespectful decision to move had hurt Jenn in ways I had not imagined. I had been so focused on my own little world, I completely failed to see what I was doing to her.  Something I learned only to well on my visit home this past February.  Believe me Jenn let me know just what she thought about my self-centered actions, while face down over her knee, on the receiving end of a very long hard bare bottom spanking. For only the second time in my life, the first being by the hand of a very attractive younger woman who was a friend of my Mother’s.  Jenn was the only person who knew of this singular spanking event in my young life. She knew the effect it had on me and also knew while I may desire the intimacy of an over the knee, bare bottomed spanking, enduring the embarrassment and pain of a good sound spanking was not something I would ask for or ever actually enjoy. She also knew though a spanking was certainly something that would grab my attention and boy did she grab my attention. In the course of the week we were together on my Seattle visit, I found myself face down across her lovely lap not once, but on three (3) separate occasions over three (3) days with only a single one day break in between.  Needless to say, I left Seattle sitting on a very sore, very red, well-spanked bum and a new appreciation of my Best Friend Jenn and how important it was to show that appreciation to her in an open and respectful fashion.  Fortunately as a result of those three spankings we had healed our slightly fractured friendship and were now back to normal, speaking by phone, by text and email every day as we had always done. So, here I was at he Airport to pick up Jenn, who had come to spend a few days visiting me and seeing my new home and city.  I was so excited, while we were staying in touch, nothing beats face to face, the togetherness shared, eating together, walking around and talking together.  I couldn’t wait, and while sitting here listening for her call, letting me know she had her bags and was waiting curbside for me to come pick her up, I had time to reflect on that first spanking Jenn had administered to my bare bum. While it left my ‘bottom blistered’ (her words), bruised, very red and oh so sore, it had also given me my best friend back. Teaching me that very lesson of nurturing my friendships always.

  I had so much planned for us while she was here.  The museums we would visit, the kayaking and cycling adventures, dinners out and dinners in, just talking and laughing.  The one thing I had learned back in Seattle and across Jenn’s lovely lap, was just how important good friends are. She had made certain to warn me of that, before leaving Seattle. That while we had healed our friendship, I needed to realize that the spankings she had administered to my bare bottom might not be the last.  Rather, they more than likely marked the beginning of a new, caring turn in our friendship. A turn that meant I should take very seriously the lesson she recently taught while over her knee and to be on my best behavior always should I not want to find myself back in that most embarrassing position, staring at the floor, while face down over her lovely lap. To always treat those I cared for with the utmost respect and nurturing my true friendships so they continue to grow strong.  Remembering all that and the possibility of additional future spankings was a very sobering. Thought and I silently vowed not to do anything to warrant a repeat performance of my Best Friend’s new found spanking prowess.  Just as I was making this silent vow my phone beeped with a text from Jenn telling me she was ready for pick up.  Starting the car, I was off to get her.  Five minutes later, there she was, pulling up to the curb, I jumped out and we took a quick minute for a very warm embrace, loaded her bags into the car and off we went, already catching up with one another. Jenn looked so beautiful, in an age when travelers dress so overly casual, She had chosen to dress in a beautiful summer dress showing her curves and long beautiful legs.  I always seem to forget how beautiful and sexy a woman Jenn is when we are apart, but when together I can barely keep from staring at her and her tanned bare legs.  Something Jenn has always found amusing and tolerated.  Although at times like this, she did remind me to keep my eyes on the road and little less on her legs.  Blushing beet red, I returned my attention to the road and we began to lapse back into our lifelong friendship, talking and laughing, pointing out the sights. I asked her what she wanted to do first, stop for lunch some where in route, go for a walk before lunch giving her a chance to stretch out her legs after the long cross country flight?  Whatever she wanted, her wish was my command.  Smiling Jenn suggested we go back to my place, let her unpack and rest a bit. Maybe take a refreshing shower perhaps have a lite lunch there and  go out to dinner later this evening. So off we headed to what now was my home. Arriving at my condo, Jenn walked in and began looking around. Commenting on how nice the place looked, while thanking me for cleaning up for her visit. She knew me to well and had been to my old place in Seattle to often, so while smiling, she also remembered what a bad housekeeper I generally am.  “How sweet of you to have cleaned up the place for my visit” She told me. “We both know housecleaning is not your strong suit.”  I took her to her room, proud that it had its own bathroom and sitting area.  “Take your time unpacking and showering Jenn, Me Casa su Casa.” I told her.  “I will make us some lunch while you do”. So I left her to her own devices and headed to the kitchen to begin fixing us a light lunch. Suddenly Jenn voice’s called out asking me to come into her room.  When I got there Jenn was standing at her bathroom door, arm’s folded. “Come in here.” She beckoned. “Do you see that”? Pointing at the toilet seat left up.  “I am not going to make it a big deal this time E, but I want you to realize its little things like this that I want you to think about.  When entertaining a Lady guest, you will never leave the seat up again.” She told me in her scolding Miss Jenn voice. “It is disrespectful and thoughtless E and I expect more out of you”. Jenn told me going on. “It is the little things like this, that can add up and lead to another spanking!”  She said.  “I know neither of us wants that again, am I right?” She asked. “You got that right Jenn, I’m so sorry, I don’t use this bathroom ever and must have left it up when I cleaned it.  I promise it won’t happen again”. I told her. “Good, now go back to what you were doing and I’ll join you shortly”. She told me.  Going back to the kitchen, I thought about what just occurred and wondered if she were serious or just toying with me, seeing how I would react.  Jenn had always loved to tease me and after the spankings she had given me in Seattle, she now had a whole new arsenal of mischievous banter with which to tease me unmercifully.  Surely she wouldn’t actually follow through with her implied threat of another spanking for something so small. Yep, that had to be it, she just wanted to watch me squirm and blush while subtly reminding me of those spankings she had given me in Seattle. That had to be it and laughing to myself  and I continued fixing us lunch.

To be continued...