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"Friendship Should Be Nurtured" Part 3

Friendships should always be nurtured
By Edward

Part III

After enjoying a lite lunch we decided to go for a walk on the mall, Jenn had never been here before and wanted to see everything. With as nice a day as it was we decided to enjoy walking and sightseeing all the monuments and before long we had walked around the entire tidal basin. Her fascination was almost childlike as she took in the historical representations of everything. Me, I just enjoyed watching her. Spending this time with my friend was everything I had remembered about our lifelong friendship. There was nothing I would not do for her. Finally at the National gallery hunger over took us, we decided to go to dinner at a little local bistro well known for both its cuisine and clientele. While eating we could speak about the day, how amazing the history combined with the present. And make plans for what we wanted to do after dinner. Our waitress took our orders and turned out to be one of those talkative servers, you know the type, overly friendly, the kind that on occasion can make your dining experience more enjoyable or on other times, be intrusive. As far as I was concerned this was one of those intrusive times. She was of course, quite attractive dressed in her white blouse and short black skirt and low heels, on any other occasion I might be inclined to try and get her number. I am a sucker for short skirts but it seemed as though she were constantly there. Asking about our day, making suggestions for where to go during Jenn’s visit, asking where J was from. Almost like she was part of our private dinner party. For J’s part she was enjoying our uninvited guest and engaging her. For my part, I was beginning to resent this young woman’s attention. I guess she was only trying to help, but all I could think of was ‘just get our food and quit interrupting us’ and slowly I began to burn. Finally and sarcastically telling her we were there to enjoy a quiet dinner and of course to make that happen, we needed our dinner some time before breakfast. Thinking I had put this young lady in her place I felt smug, kind of manly, until I glanced at Jenn. I could tell from her stare, she was not happy with me. Quickly I tried to change the conversation back to us, but J went quiet. Seating there in the uncomfortable silence I tried to lighten the mood “I’m sorry J, I’m so hungry I think my blood sugar must be low”. Mimicking the popular candy bar commercials. “I guess I am not myself when I don’t have a snickers bar”. I told her and It seemed to work. I saw her make a rye smile and she said “I guess we need to feed you more often and keep a supply of candy bars on hand for just these times, that and maybe a hairbrush”. Fixing me again with her rye smile. I know I turned red and scanning the room said, “I really am sorry J, I just wanted to visit with you and eat”. I said. “It seemed like she was monopolizing our time together with her constant chatter”. “She was just being nice E and point in fact, I was enjoying every thing she was saying. Remember I am on vacation and enjoying the sightseeing. She was really interesting to me, but obviously you didn’t see that did you?’ She told me. “No, I guess I didn’t J, I’m sorry”. I said. “No, you didn’t E thinking only of yourself again. You really need to learn to watch and listen before you speak. It will really help to keep you from embarrassing yourself and making others uncomfortable. But let’s don’t let it ruin a perfectly wonderful day”. J said. “You’re right J, I am so sorry and if it will help I’ll even leave our young server a very good tip”. I told her. “That would be nice E, that and an apology”. The last spoken as more of a command then suggestion and with that out came Jenn’s hairbrush as she then excused herself to go to the lady’s room. “Maybe I should invite her to join us later to see just how sorry you are” Jenn said quietly, causing me to blush effusively. “I expect my hairbrush to be right here on the table when I return, regardless of who might see it or any questions if may beg to be asked E”. Jenn whispered. “Understood young Man”? Nodding I suddenly knew that Jenn’s early threat in my guest bathroom was more than just teasing. I now understood she was looking for any excuse I might unintentionally give her to once again take me across her knee for another bottom blistering spanking and that was not only embarrassing, it was down right frightening. Staring at that dreaded hairbrush, I couldn’t help but blush remembering how red Jenn had colored my bottom the last time I saw it and just how much that coloring had hurt. It seemed I had created a monster, well not really a monster, but certainly a firm no nonsense disciplinarian with that first spanking I had unwittingly agreed to accept back in Seattle. What I thought back then would be a one and done had turned into two other spankings, each distinctly separate but each administered with a firm hand and a lesson to be taught. But never did I think it would lead to this. Even with the threat she whispered in my ear when she dropped me off at the Seattle airport. A threat I thought was just a teasing remark once again. Still, hoping she was only teasing, especially with her veiled threat of inviting our server to join us later, I began to think this was something more. Perhaps I had crossed that line leading to another bottom blistering spanking but she really wouldn’t invite this attractive young lady over to witness my punishment for my behavior during dinner. She’d never really do that, no not something like that. This was something very private between the two of us, going all the way back to our childhood. And as I was lost in this embarrassing circular thought, J suddenly reappeared and sat down. “Good, I see my hairbrush is right where I left it”. She said. “I would have been quite upset if you had tried to move it or worse, hide it. I intentionally left it very visible for you to contemplate your behavior and the consequences misbehaving could lead to E”. “Jenn, I’m not sure whether you are threating me or just teasing me, but please, I have learned my lesson and really just want to enjoy your visit”. I whined. “Can’t we just do that J”? “Certainly E, but our relationship dynamic has changed since I last saw you in Seattle. I care as much as I have ever cared for you, but I also want you to be the best you possible and if that means occasionally embarrassing you when you are less than you best, or putting you across my knee when you really deserve a spanking, well that is exactly what I will do and I do not care who knows it”. She went on. “In fact you are lucky I don’t put you over my knee right here and now for the way you treated that young lady! Now that would be embarrassing, but also deserved. That was no way to behave during what had been up until then, a wonderful day and going forward, I will not allow that kind of behavior in my presence, understood?” She asked. Looking down at the tablecloth I nodded and slowly raising my eyes up, I told her “Yes J, I understand and promise I got your message loud and clear. I am so very sorry and I will be on my best behavior always going forward. Believe me I do not want another of your ‘Bottom blistering’s’ as you are so fond of threatening now”. I implored her. With that a few minute later our dinners arrived and things seemed to calm down as we enjoyed a really good meal and a nice bottle of wine. ”How was everything”? Our cute served asked?” “Good, great actually and your service was delightful”. I responded being as nice as I could be. If we could get our check please?” I asked her as pleasantly as I could. “We’ld like to settle the bill and I really do apologize for my earlier behavior. It was nothing you did, I was just so hungry”. I said to the young lady, giving her my credit card, I looked at her and again sincerely apologized, telling her my rudeness was inexcusable. If that was not enough, the tip more than told her how sincere my apology was. Jenn watched all this and with a smile on her face.

Feeling like I had narrowly escaped not only a very embarrassing confrontation, but another spanking I headed to the door wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. Not realizing J was not directly behind me until I got no reply to my question about where she wanted to go next, I stopped and turned and saw J in quiet conversation with our waitress. Seeing the quiet close conversation between them made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I’m not sure what she said exactly, but somehow I knew if I could hear it, I would not enjoy what she was saying. Looking up J saw me standing by the door and disengaged with our waitress and walked by me and out the door. Once outside I suggested we walk to the Lincoln Memorial telling her how beautiful it was on these early spring evenings with the Marble backlit and looking out across the reflecting pool toward the Washington Memorial. Hoping this might help her forget my behavior during dinner. The walk along the Mall was surprisingly empty and we fell into a very pleasant conversation talking about plans for the rest of her stay, what was going on back home, any new boyfriends/girlfriends just the kind of conversation you would expect between to lifelong friend. At the Lincoln Memorial we walked the steps up while looking at Lincoln’s statue gazing out, seeing all that lay before him. In the quiet of this late evening it seemed as though he were alive. There is both a comfort to his face and eeriness to the size and the caverness space he resides in. After a few moments we walked out and took a seat a few steps down from the top. Looking out towards the Washington Monument I pointed out to J the ‘Reflecting pool’ which when still and quiet you could see the reflection of the Washington Monument. Seeing two separate but distinct Washington Monuments. Jenn sat quietly looking in that direction. I thought she was looking to see this fun fact I had just given her, suddenly she looked at me and quietly said “You know your behavior in the restaurant was inexcusable”. Continuing on before I could answer. “ As quiet as it is here I half a mind to pull you over my knee right here, right now E. Fortunately for you I could neither spank you long enough or hard enough right now without pulling your pants down and since I have no wish to be arrested for disciplining a naughty boy in such a public and exposed place, once again you have escaped the spanking we both know you deserve! “Wha ..what do you mean once again? I asked. “You saw me talking to our young waitress, apologizing for your rude behavior. Well not only did I apologize, I was asking her if there was a room I could use for a bit to give you the very spanking you sorely deserved”. J told me. “You .. you.. you didn’t really do that di di did you J”? I stuttered. Knowing full well she did. “I most certainly did and lucky for you she had no such private space or you would be over my lap still getting your bum blistered good and red.” Jenn scolded and continued on “and if I were certain we could get away with it I’d pull you over my knee right here and now. Hmmm.. I wonder if your spanking would be reflected in the pool Hmmm” now that’s quite the thought”. She said lost in the imagery of her own revelation. “Please J, not here please”. I begged. I know I deserve a spanking, but please not here in such a public open space”. Oh stop begging, you know I am not actually going to spank you sitting here, out in the open like this. Not that a part of me really doesn’t want to”. She scolded. “ ike the part of me that really did want to spank you right in that restaurant, with our young server watching. She more than anyone deserved to see you get the spanking you had coming!” “It was just very lucky for you she could not find a space for me to use”. “Very lucky indeed. So no spanking while sitting here in what really would be a perfect spot”. Could you imagine that, for the rest of your life, when ever you saw this memorial, you would be forever reminded of laying over my knee and getting a spanking for all the world to see”. “I wish I had the nerve to do just that E, but not wanting to get arrested out weighs, at this moment, wanting to give you the spanking you deserve”. “Now let’s stand and leave here before I change my mind”. She told me as she rose and started down the steps. Me, I just sat there a moment, not really believing what I had just been told, but at the same time knowing I had narrowly escaped what could have been the most embarrassing instant of my life. Then quickly rising and following her down the steps. We continued our walk around the Mall. When we reached the FDR memorial we sat by the tidal basin in complete silence and I could see J looking about taking the splendid beauty of the setting in, at least I thought that’s what she was doing, but suddenly Jenn insisted I stand and face her. Wondering what this was about I stood and before completing my turn towards her, she was quickly undoing my belt and pulling my pants down and before I could really even protest, I was over her knee. Right there on the tidal basin walk, in the glowing evening setting sun, I was face down across Jenn’s bare lap getting the very spanking I knew was coming from the moment I picked her up. It seemed she was just biding her time, especially since dinner, watching me blush as she embarrassed me time and again, until she had found her spot. Then there on this quiet walkway, sitting on a public bench, Jenn had found a place, suitable to her need for discretion, without giving up her desire to publicly punish me. Scolding me as only Jenn can while administering her very distinctively fast spanks she let her desire to teach me a lesson unleash her stinging hand.

<Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank,> and I lay there squirming over her knee throughout absolutely the most embarrassing moment of my life just praying no one would come upon us. And seemingly just as quickly as it started, Jenn took out her hairbrush and gave me 5 of the hardest smacks I had ever felt and had me rise back to my feet. “Now there, don’t you feel better now, getting what we both know you deserved”? She asked. “I I can’t believe you just did that, my God what were you thinking”. I frantically told her looking about to make sure we weren’t seen. Big mistake, because as I was looking around I felt a tug on my belt and before I could struggle my pants were undone again and I was back over her knee. “The more you struggle young man, the longer this will take and the greater chance someone will see us”. Jenn patiently explained working my underpants down. You will never talk to me in that tone when I am punishing you. Is that clear E?” Jenn asked as she began spanking me once again. Only this time much harder <Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank,> This time her spanks were much more briskly applied and on my bare bottom sounded like a gunshot going off. I wanted to struggle but she had me over one knee with her free leg across my legs literally locking me into this embarrassing position that had placed my bare bottom at her beck and call. “Please Jenn please, I am so sorry please I promise Jenn please” I begged like the naughty 10 year old she had me feeling like. “I promise Jenn I will never question you again please”. And thankful, as quickly as it began, again, this spanking ended. Jenn let me up and believe me I never got a pair of pants up so fast. Standing there, surprised that we had gotten away with this public spanking unseen, I was both relieved and embarrassed beyond belief, but strangely as I looked at Jenn, sitting there on the bench, legs crossed and arms folded across her chest. I could not help but admire her even more. Not that I enjoyed my spanking in the park, but that this Woman cared enough about me to not let me get away with my temper tantrums. Treating that young lady the way I had was wrong and Jenn was not about to let me get away with it. Suddenly I knew this was something that I had missed throughout my younger life. All but once, when another strong willed lady had called me on my childish behavior and spanked me until I could not sit for several days. For some strange unexplainable reason, this was something that really got through my thick skull and grabbed my attention. “I’m so sorry Jenn, I know I deserved that, I know I should not have questioned your right to punish me. I guess I was just so surprised and afraid someone would see us” I told her quietly, head down, afraid to look her in the eye. “E, come sit by me?’ Jenn requested patting the bench next to her. I sat down and Jenn placed both hands on my cheeks turning my face to her. “You know I care about you and while I may now punish you when it is well deserved, I will always do it with love and caring, no matter how naughty you may have been and you my dear friend, will never question me as to when and where”. She told me looking me straight in the eyes. “Are we clear on this E?” She asked. Nodding my head as she held me in her gaze I heard myself muttering a quiet “Yes ma’am, I understand and am sorry for questioning you”. Fine Jenn told me releasing me, smoothing out her skirt and rising from the bench. “Shall we go back to your place? It’s been quite the first day and I am tired”. Taking my hand, helping me up, she asked. Just like that my spanking was over, short and to point, painful, but happily over and once again we were just friends. Walking back to my car I don’t think I was ever happier to be leaving the scene of a crime. I couldn’t believe I had so suddenly been given a spanking in such a public place and not been caught. What I didn’t know was that Jenn had been looking for just such a place, public, but for a moment seemingly private, a place, just like our bench, since leaving the restaurant. If I only knew what else she had planned for me before this night was over.

To be continued...

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  1. It is a true friend who will show you how much they care and Love you to take the time to work out the small details ! Like not if but where and when will be the best time and place Miss Jenn showed you she was not just embarrassed for the waitress and her self but for you also!