Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thank You Roger, For the Lovely Testimonial

This was truly a very fun role play & Roger gave me lots of details to work with. I enjoyed getting to take on "Janet's" role (she's a feisty one, and I admire her strong will & independence), as well as getting to play with Roger on multiple occasions.  Thank you for the testimonial, Roger!

When meeting a disciplinarian for the first time, I usually explain how I came to be a spanko.  There was the dominant mother, and the Penthouse Variations letters, but the experience that utterly transformed me happened one summer when I was at my friend John’s house across the street.  It was one of those sweltering late July afternoons between 6th and 7th grade.  He had moved in about a year ago, and his dad coached our little league team.  They moved up from Louisiana, and John was an only child.  His mom's name was Janet.  

Some of the moms on our street got together and decided to keep their kids indoors during the hottest hours of the day when the temp was in the mid 90's, and the Mid-South practically boiled in heat and humidity.  Mrs. Hampton wasn't a party to the deal though.  “I don't necessarily agree with what other mom's do," she advised, tipping her streak of old school independence and strong will.

John and I were checking out his comic books when he told me he had some vintage Batman issues out in the garage.  I told him what a treat it'd be to see them, and he jumped up to get them.  Mrs. Hampton stopped him halfway out the door.

"I don't want you going out in the garage while your father's got his tool rack project in progress, it's dangerous."

"Aww mom, I just want to get some comics from that box in the closet, I won't go near dad's tools."

"John Earl Hampton, you heard me.  Now stay out of the garage."

John turned around and shuffled back to the bedroom.

"So where are they" I asked as he returned.

"Can't get 'em.  Mom won't let me go out in the garage because of my dad's tool project.”

"No way, I'd really like to see those early issues!"

"I know, but I gotta wait 'til dad gets home.” 

"Oh man, we're going on vacation tomorrow.  It's gonna be August by the time I get to see them.”

"Yea, but my mom."

It's all right."

A few minutes passed and I noticed Mrs. Hampton taking a load of laundry out to hang on the clothesline in the back yard.

"Hey John, your mom's busy with the clothes in the back yard.  This is our chance to get those comic books while she's not lookin."

"Ahhh, I don't know, she sounded pretty strict about me staying out of there."

"Yea, but she won't even know!"  Look at the basket full of clothes she's got; she's gonna be busy for five or ten more minutes."

"Well, I would like to show ‘em to you.  Man, I can't believe I put them out in the garage!"

"John, don't be scared little girl, just go out there while your ma ain't lookin’ and bring them in."

"Ok, but if I get caught you're getting it too."

"Don't worry, she's got a whole load of laundry to hang up."

A whole load of laundry and just a few clothespins, as it turned out.

Off John went into the abyss.  Directly, Mrs. Hampton turns around and heads back for the kitchen door just in time to bust John slinking back in from the garage.  "What did I tell you about staying out of the garage?"

"I -- I -- I wasn't gonna go, but Roger's going on vacation tomorrow, and he really wants to see my vintage Batman comics."

"What has that got to do with disobeying your mother?  You need to tell Roger to wait here in the dining room while you and I have a talk in your room."

Gulp, “a talk?"

"Your father's belt will be doing a good bit of the talking..."

John told me he got caught and I had to wait out in the dining room for a while.  Next thing I know Mrs. Hampton is in there lecturing and cracking the belt on poor John.

crack.  'Don't you listen to him.'  crack.


'When he tells you something else what are you going to do?'  crack

'N--n--nothing ma'am.'  crack.  

“That's right.”


'Oh my god, he's really getting it,’  I thought. What's she hitting him with?  That's got to be his dad's belt.

'Yeeeaaahhh ooouuch'.
'I'm sorry ma'am!’

crack.  'When i tell you to stay out of the garage i expect you to obey me'

'oowww, I--I---I'm sorry ma'am'

'I'll see to it you're sorry.  You're not to disobey me no matter what your friends say."

"This is a nightmare.  Poor John.  That should be me, not him.  What have I done?  He's gonna hate me from now on."

It's one thing to dodge a deserved punishment, but It's quite another to stand by and hear your friend take the belting you yourself so richly deserved.  I suppose Mrs. Hampton thought my mom should do the honors for my punishment, though to my knowledge, neither she nor John ever told her about the incident.  The guilt from that experience is seared in my memory, and offends my sense of justice to this day.

With the foregoing as the backdrop, fast forward to present day.  I’m in Baton Rouge, LA hunting for a room to rent for my new project at the medical center.  I answer an ad in one of the West suburbs and am calling on the landlady.  We say our hellos at the door and I’m already wondering where I’ve seen her before.  We share some small talk and have a look at the place and she’s telling me her “rules of the roost.”  That’s when it hits me: I’m talking to Janet Hampton, the woman chiefly responsible for my lifelong spanking fetish.  Holy Shit!  Does she remember me?  That’s simultaneously exciting and terrifying to think about ….

After another couple of minutes she says, “You look familiar to me.  Were you ever in Ft Smith, AR?”

Whooo Boy!  I realize I’m busted in terms of identity, and before long the conversation turns to that fateful day during summer break long ago when I led her only son astray ….

“You know I felt terrible about getting John into trouble back then.  It still offends my sense of justice.  Why didn’t you whip me along with him?  After all, I put him up to it.”

Janet Hampton is old school, steel magnolia, spare the rod and spoil the child.  She may have mellowed a little in the intervening years, but she’s got a sense of justice too, and can see that settling this old account would make both of us feel a lot better about the past.  And it just so happens she has the next hour free …

Miss Jenn brought this fantasy to life for me, and crazy as it sounds, it helped me get some closure on the guilty feeling that never seemed to go away before.  After all, I finally got what I had coming, with interest.  Jenn was superb in her preparation, down to explaining why she felt like she couldn’t punish me way back when – a minor child and all.  But the fully grown man paid his debt in full.  One of her rules for renters was making the garage off-limits, just like back in the day!  I was over her knee about five different ways, struck with her hand, her brush, her belts, her straps, her kitchen utensils, and even a paddle or two for good measure.  I was a well-done (former) corruptor of youth!

My main use for discipline these days is maintaining accountability for getting my chores and projects completed in a timely fashion.  I hate it when other people are counting on me and I fail to come through for them.  We keep my local disciplinarian busy a few times per month.  Miss Jenn made it easier to stay focused on the present, having finally buried the ghost of Janet Hampton in the past.  Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with her.  She’ll deliver what you need.

Satisfied Spankee
Repeat Customer


  1. Roger,

    So awesome! Really enjoyed reading your story, role/play scenario, and testimonial. Thank you so much for sharing, and I agree Miss Jenn is 'no joke'! Can't wait for my first role-play with her (I think)

  2. Thanks for sharing Roger. It is always great to hear from others, their experiences. So glad that you found the closure you were looking for!