Wednesday, May 8, 2019

You WILL Be Spanked and You Will be Spanked HARD


  1. That is the only way for us naughty boys to be spanked, Miss Jenn.

  2. We certainly hope so!!! Although naturally naughty and spankable, it's hard work being a naughty devil sometimes thinking up new shenanigans when not around to be naughty in person to tease, flirt and peek up skirts to truly need to be pulled over silky knees at all times!!! But not to despair, naughtiness is eternal and there will always be another spanking needed soon!
    As always, over-the-knee dreaming and ready, no assembly required other than thrill tease time of yanking down of pants and underwear to ankles,
    ND =;)

  3. Nice Color artwork, don't know if I've seen this one before. She looks like she's been working out just before putting him over her knee.