Sunday, May 5, 2019

Happy Cince de Spanko

Happy Cinco de Spanko, oops I mean Cinco de Mayo.
Did you get your Cinco de Spanko spanking today?
Should have contacted me sooner, now I'm all booked up.


  1. Had I been close by I certainly would have gotten "in touch" :)!!!! Instead, I'm sipping some tasty Cinco de Mayo tequila and lamenting the fact that I didn't get a spanking today .... and, in particular not a wonderful spanking from you, my dear:(!!!!
    Hope you had quite a few willing recipients to make fora very colorful occasion !!!
    Bottoms UP :)

    Paul H

  2. Well, so you have other naughty devils referring to you now as my dear too do you? Well, we will just have to have a playful blushing discussion about this when it is the next time for my naughty dear to be over your favorite naughty devil's knee - you wouldn't want to confuse which teasing, spoiling, switching, blushing rose bare bottom, cuddling, peeking up skirt leg caressing naughty devil is teasing you now, now would you, my dear?

    After all, naughty devils have to tease and make a pretty spanking lady feel appreciated on Cinco de Mayo and every day too!

    ND =;)