Wednesday, May 29, 2019

No Kissing Boys Until You Are At Least 21 Young Lady

Didn't think I'd catch you kissing that boy did you? Now you're getting a spanking for that. I don't care that you are 18, you live under my roof and my rules.


  1. Protective jealous naughty devil Daddy just wants to make sure his little sweet affectionate darling naughty angel will always be Daddy's girl with a special place for her in his heart and over his knee just for her! Just wait for naughty devil Daddy to catch his darling angel playing naughty spanking games with boys next, she'll have her pretty dress flipped up and cute panties pulled down to her knees for a much longer bare bottom spanking appointment over naughty devil Daddy's knee to cry about for her precocious naughtiness!!! But not to worry, naughty devil Daddy always has a soft forgiving heart for his naughty angel for her to be forgiven later when cuddling on Daddy's lap. Such a loving naughty devil Daddy caring for his darling little naughty angel.

    Who else but your depraved, wicked, role play plotting over-the-knee spanking addict ND =;)

  2. Great old time movie clip.....wish Movies could have scenes like this in them again! (and based on the previous comment makes me wonder if you've been in a situation like this...Hmmm....tsk,tsk, if you have)

  3. Naughty devil Daddy never spanks and tells, but his darling naughty angel's soft cute bare bottom knows her blushing secret.

    Spanks and tells, never; Spanks and teases, absolutely!

    ND =;)