Saturday, May 4, 2019

Will That Still Be There When I'm Done Spanking Your Bare Bottom?


  1. All naughty devils sure do hope to rise to the occasion, before, during and after worming around bent over sensuous silky knees!!! Of course your old goat naughty devil might have to consult a crystal ball on when ramrod attention will next happen and and sell his soul to the evil ED gremlin that for god sake a gorgeous woman is yanking his pants and underwear all the way down and pulling him over her sensuously silky sexy knees, now is not the time to leave a naughty devil haplessly flaccid to not properly and proudly show his admiration for the lady's charms! Old goat naughty devils will just have to shake up that crystal ball and make sure to be well stock in little pill supplements to properly rise to the occasion!!! Hmmm, the Gaines Way treatment might be an interesting alternative to being a forever ready naughty devil to always be in need of a good over-the-knee spanking proudly mis-behaving in both body and soul. :)

    Wishfully thinking (and consulting the crystal ball and stock of supplements), your old goat overly affectionate and overly sue for a good spanking
    ND =;)

    (I should hope you weren't honestly expecting an embarrassed choir boy response to this post, now did you ... and it will soon be time for naughty girl's time over your naughty devil's knee too my not so innocent dear!!! Xoxo)

  2. Damn funny picture....nicely captinned.....ahhhh the 'good old days' to be like this again ;)