Monday, December 17, 2018

Portrait of Miss Jenn Holding the Cane by Fetish Artist Engwemabala - Amazing Piece of Spanking Art

Miss Jenn Davis caning

I just recently got to know Engwemabala, who is an art and fetish enthusiast. Latex, discipline and the overwhelming desire to accept female superiority are his main fetishes.  And believe me, I've seen his work and am blown away by the amazing fetish art that he creates. Here's a little bit more about him in his own words:

"Since i work as a freelance designer and teacher for photography and computer based illustrations, drawing is something that falls short most of the time. Therefore i use my spare time to transfer pictures into drawings and try add some creativity to the normal work day. As an artist i am always interested in new ways to express myself and to find the best possible method to show the beauty of my models. Latex as a material is really complex to transfer to an illustration. Shiny reflections are quite hard to achieve but with some experience it gets easier every time creativity hits me.

My workflow normally starts of with of an image, a photograph or a 3D rendering. I take it to the drawing board and try to get the main aspects of the image using pen, pencil, watercolor and sometimes acrylic colors. Next step is scanning the drawing into the computer and making additional changes and adding some features.

The final result is an illustrative drawing - as I call them.

I am always interested in new things and I am glad to share experiences with others. If someone wants to have an illustration, everyone can contact me via Twitter or Instagram. Contract work is always possible and prices are negotiable.
The handles are the same ... @engwemabala"

Fetish Art

Thank you ever so much Engwemabala, I am honored you chose me as one of the Femdoms who inspired you to create this amazing piece of artwork that you did.  You are so incredibly talented! Thank you so much for this lovely piece of spanking art.

I have also added his art to my page dedicated to the artists who have created pieces of art inspired by me: click this link to be taken to that page
As a static page on my site, it will never be buried under blog post after blog post and get hidden as the years go by.  It will always be easy to find.

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