Friday, December 14, 2018

Ways to Stay Connected


I have no plans to stop spanking. so if my site suddenly goes down, know that it was beyond my control. I will post to some form of social media, if my site needs to be moved.

Here are other ways to know if I'm still around & to stay connected if that happens:

Any of my clips sites, Patreon, or call me on my NF account
Write down my email address for future reference

I know that Tumblr is going down, so will not list my Tumblr account.  If a "new" form of social media emerges, I will probably sign up under one of the names that I usually go by for user names "Miss Jenn Davis", "missjennd", "MissJenn", "JennOTK" or some kind of variation of this.

I do not anticipate any of these things actually happening, but if they do, that's how to find me, or use "google".

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