Monday, December 24, 2018

Have a Spankingly Good Christmas Eve

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  1. Oh how naughty devil Santa love reviewing the naughty darling list, my naughty little darling Miss Jenn tops the Needs an Extra Long Loving Over the Knee Spanking and Forgiving Cuddling list and my goodness, darling Miss Jenn has so many repeated naughty date entries throughout the year! My goodness, such a busy little darling being naughty several times throughout the year, such a sweetheart making sure she was on Santa's naughty darling spanking list! Now no pouting, it's time for little darling to go over Santa's knee this instant and the cute little skirt is coming up to see what pretty little Christmas panties you have on to tease naughty devil Santa with this year! Oh my, such frilly little red and white panties with little hearts and candy canes! Well Santa loves you too darling but your your frilly panties are still coming down to your knees for Santa to spank your pretty bare bottom red and white with or without panties! There there now, my darling is all better after her loving spanking with happy tears and a pretty Christmas red blushing bottom cuddling on Santa's knee, all forgiven and loved to be spoiled and teased again in the coming new year of naughty spankings with the naughty devils who love you to always be on Santa's Extra Naughty Darling Give and Receive Spanking Lists.
    Merry Christmas spanking one and all, and to all a good blushing bottom night!
    ND =;)