Sunday, December 16, 2018

I Went to See Miss Jenn in Seattle, My Poor Bottom Clearly Lost the Battle

A new poem from naughty boy

I went to see Miss Jenn in Seattle
My poor bottom clearly lost that battle
Miss Jenn and her implements surely won
But my bottom still had a lot of fun

Miss Jenn spanked my bottom so very hard
To help me lose weight and stop eating lard
Miss Jenn is the disciplinarian I most admire
Miss Jenn is the one who sets my bottom on fire

Time stood still on Miss Jenn's wall clock
When she trapped me in her leg lock
My poor bottom ached, stung and burned
But it was a spanking I had earned

So I took my punishment from Miss Jenn
Whose beauty far exceeds a perfect ten
She spanked me so hard, she spanked me so good
She spanked me with canes, straps, leather and wood

I used to be naughty but now I'm super good
I obey Miss Jenn like every good boy should

Miss Jenn Davis

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