Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Let Us Remember

Caribbean Dominatrix Sadie Hawkins RIP

a Goddess!

The strong powerful Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Fetish Performer
Video Producer
Content Creator
Caribbean Dominatrix
Kink Educator

She was murdered & taken from this world far too soon. Although I didn't know her personally, I'm still utterly depressed over hearing the news. We have a lot of the same friends so I heard a lot about her.  She was also one of the traveling ladies like myself, touring all over the US and the world. Once I started following her on Twitter a few years ago, I realized that the woman was absolutely brilliant, she was at the forefront of so many things in our industry, an innovator, a brilliant & savvy business woman, and a Powerhouse beyond compare.

Why, oh why??? They don't know yet, but sadly the one thing that we fear, that we hope is not the case...is that it might be a client. Or someone who posed as a client with an agenda of his own. Perhaps someone who didn't understand kink, & perhaps from his perspective thought what she was doing in her professional life as a ProDomme was wrong & therefore wanted to silence her.
We just don't know. And with a lot of these psycho nutcases, we may never find out what the motive was. But let us not ever forget Sadie, I know I certainly won't.

And let's also not forget to acknowledge all the strong fearless women out there, whether they be Professional Disciplinarians, Pro Dommes, Spanking Models, Fetish Models (the list goes on) who do in-person sessions. Who potentially put their lives on the line every time they meet with someone in private. And they will continue to do it because it's their passion & they know they are making a difference in the lives of those they touch.

And lets also not forget to let people know when we respect and admire them. I wish I had told Sadie how much she influenced me. I always assumed that one day I'd run into her at a convention or party and that I'd tell her then. Now I'll never be able to do that.


  1. I am an official expert marksman and have studied Kung Fu for a number of years. If you ever feel you need me, you know how to reach me. ~ Damian Thanks and spanks.

  2. Your naughty devils do worry and care for you and all other loving darlings so let's hope that was not the case. But if that ever is the case, this is definitely something to have a plan for with multiple options available for your immediate protection and communication for assistance. If something horrible were to ever happen, also have trusted partners available that knows your exact session schedule with whom you're seeing, hopefully that would be an added deterrent to any would be assailant. When traveling or meeting new people, maybe consider having another spanking darling or someone else trusted readily available for assistance. And of course follow your own intuition and references from others, better to turn down someone who might really be harmless than have someone who is questionable harm you.
    Would hope only those of us naughty devils privileged enough to be over your silky knees would only be those who associate having a beautiful woman spank them with feelings of being and wanting to be loved and cared for and to have those feeling returned to their darling, never harm her. Naughty devils should only be worrying you by being late occasionally to be a tease just to require a good loving bare bottom spanking over their darling's knee!
    Always wishing my dear spanking darling many more safe, sane and consensual happy loving spankings to come, especially with your naughtiest playful loving naughty devil held firmly over your knee! Xoxo, ND =;)