Friday, October 7, 2016

Bobby Gets Spanked by His Boss in the Office

This spanking truly happened in Bobby's office.  So if you have a work situation and you know when your boss/co-workers will be gone, feel free to see if I'm available for a session that day.

Bobby was a very naughty employee.  Miss Jenn, Bobby's boss, was doing a site visit and surprised Bobby who came in to work very late.  Not only that but when she looked at his work computer, she found spanking porn *gasp* on his computer. And to make matters worse he was being disciplined for poor performance and not meeting quotas (well no wonder he wasn't meeting quotas when he was busy watching spanking porn all day).


  1. I need to find a New Job or the one I have needs to hire some better Bosses!
    I could use a few chats with the Boss like this but then when I get home,
    The real Boss will be waiting for me!

  2. I need a boss like that at the office and at home. Any suggestions?