Saturday, October 29, 2016

Behind Every Successful Man Is a Strong Woman


  1. Behind every successful, lucky, lucky man, is a strong Woman! After i cook You dinner Honey would You like to turn my bare ass red with Your strap? :)

    1. Hi,Yes my wife is to be found behind me ,quite often ! She 'interviews' me ,diary in hand going through it and giving me one or two strokes of her cane on my bare bottom each tuime she finds an entry about my bad behaviour and things that annoyed her over the last two weeks! She canes me quite sharply, covering my bottom with raised red ridgess! It treally hurts and I am soon crying out loudly with each stroke ! When she finishes caning me, she has me in the corner and makes sure I do not rub my burning bum ,or suffer another two strokes if I do ! WH

    2. Regarding having a strong. Women to back up a man. This is true in most cases. however. In. My view. The situation should be reversed If a spanking is needed. I would spank My woman - Wife. - I doubt very much. That would let her spank me. I am thevKing of castle. And she takes her leads from me

    3. In response. To Annymous. 2. I wouldn't allow what you allow her to do under any circumstances - Give me a explanation. That explains your actions. - to me it makes. No sense. At all. I believe. To each his own. But your situation is way over the top in my view.