Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Limited Sessions and Extremely Limited Email During Oct

These are the dates I will be available for sessions in Seattle in October.  As always, whoever gets their deposits to me first, gets on my schedule first and has first choice in session dates/times.

Dates I will most likely be available:

10/11/16 - 10/18/16
10/25-10/27, and 10/31

Yes, that's it for the entire month.  If I get more availability or these dates change, I will update HERE.  Any emails regarding dates outside this range, will NOT get answered.  Due to the fact that I now have limited availability in Seattle, I will put Seattle dates on my travel schedule as though it were a trip.

I will also have extremely limited time to answer emails, so if you are just chit chatting and not scheduling a session, your email will probably not get answered.  Sorry, I've had a BIG change happen in my life that will be occupying most of my free time when I am not in sessions.

Ways you can help during this trying time?  Limit chit chat during emails.  If you miss our fun banter, please schedule phone sessions, social time sessions, or real sessions, and we can chat then =)

Hugs & spanks,
Miss Jenn

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