Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"The First Strike" a Story By Beaver

The First Strike
Day 1 - 10:30 PM

We walk arm in arm across the snow-covered square, admiring the beauty of the carefully lined Christmas lights illuminating our path. As we begin approaching the stairs leading up to the resort, my mind races for an excuse to extend this amazing day just a little bit longer.

"I'm freezing, are you up for some hot cocoa before we head to our rooms?" she ignores my question, and I can tell she's distracted by the way her eyes are eagerly scanning the area around us. "Are you looking for something?" I ask earnestly. Rather than answer she stops walking, squares her stance, and drives her shoulder into my chest. Unable to hold my footing in snowboarding boots, we stumble backwards into the stone wall. Her body landed hard against mine, she looks up at me and let's out a cute laugh.

"I bet you enjoyed that earlier" she says in her alluring, teasing tone "When we were sitting by the fire and you slipped your hand up my thigh, knowing I'd be less likely to slap it away in the company of others"

She doesn't seem angry, so I smile back at her and nod. The moonlight reflecting of her gorgeous, seductive eyes is putting me into a trance.

"I bet it felt amazing, being in a position of power with your former babysitter.." - she says as she begins unbuckling my belt - "being in control." - she unbuttons my pants and smoothly slides my underwear down to my ankles. The winter air is chilling but I am kept warm by my climbing arousal. My eyes dart around the square ensuring we are alone, I don't see anyone but I honestly don't know if I'd care. Her eyes rise back up to meet mine and she slowly uses her tongue to moisten her luscious lips. Thinking we are finally about to move past our platonic relationship, I close my eyes and position my lips to welcome hers. But just as I feel the warmth of her breath, she slides her cheek up next to mine and whispers in her unmistakable Miss Jenn tone "Don't make this any louder than it needs to be"

Before I can process the words, she firmly grabs my shoulder and whips me around face first into the wall. Holding a strong grasp on my shoulder with her left hand, she extends her right arm skyward and *SLAAAP!* she delivers a perfectly aimed swing to my right buttock. The sound echoes throughout the square and I immediately feel the hot sting her handprint has tattooed on my cold, wet bottom.

 I yelp, and attempt to turn around but she shoves my face back into the wall. *SLAAAP!* she lands another healthy swing on my left cheek.
*SLAAP!*  "Don't..." *SLAAP!* "You.." *SLAAP!* "Ever .." *SLAAP!* "Touch.." *SLAAP!* "Any.." *SLAAP!* “Part..” *SLAAP!* "Of..” *SLAAP!* “My..” *SLAAP!* Body..” *SLAAP!*Without.." *SLAAP!* "Permission!"
I cringe at the immense stinging sensation of her palm dancing on my buttocks. She is bringing down each strike with such force on my cold skin that the pain is even worse than her paddle.

She turns my chin so my eyes meet hers, and for the first time I see genuine, boiling anger in her eyes. "If you ever do anything like that again, Beaver, I won't wait until we're alone. I'll take you over my lap, in public, and spank your bottom until you are crying for help." She winds up again,
*SLAAP!*   *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*   *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*
My eyes begin to water as she finishes me off with eight ferocious spanks on my bare-bottom. She lets the cold air soothe my burning skin for a minute before pulling my pants up and buckling my belt.

I stand there in complete shock as she looks at me, now with a friendly smile and says "Now, how about that hot chocolate?". I nod and she guides us up the stairs to the resort lobby.

As we're walking, I look down at this strong, beautiful, dominant girl that I've asked to accompany me this weekend and think to myself "This is going to be one HELL of a ski trip..."

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