Monday, January 4, 2016

Contestants On "The Bachelor" Should be Spanked When They Act Up!

So I have a vice and I indulged in it tonight...and no I'm not talking about chocolate!  I watched "The Bachelor"... I managed to miss 85% of the last season as I was too busy to watch t.v. or even catch up on past episodes via OnDemand, but decided that I needed some "chill" time tonight.

Some of the girls are normal, others are completely nuts!  Explain to me how some of the crazies all manage to make it at least 1/2 way through the season? The girl from Seattle was already eliminated. The gal from Redmond, WA (a suburb near Seattle that most Microsoftie's live in) seems mildly weird (her job is "Chicken Enthusiast" and she lives with her chickens and they do everything together), but at least she's quite a knock out.  The dentist from Portland (wore a gigantic rose on her head) is bat-sh*t CRAZY!!! She actually gave Bachelor Ben a dental check-up (can we say completely awkward & looked mildly painful) in order to see if he'd be acceptable to kiss.  Between her & this other girl, Lace (she's been nicknamed "50 Shades of Crazy" already), there is going to be a lot of drama and craziness this season.  I really think that anytime a contestant creates DRAMA or does something crazy that she should be taken to a disciplinary room inside the mansion to be SPANKED & get a thorough mouth soaping by a disciplinarian. Many of these girls are completely bratty and immature and have never been disciplined and it shows. I truly think it would be a much better show, if they included spankings when the contestants act up.

FF spanking
One more thing that I think is funny --- this season they have twins on the show.  They list the occupation for the girls as "Twins".  Wow, if being a twin is a job, please give me a twin sister and I'll take that job! But don't worry, if these girls end up acting up, they are both so thin I could easily fit them BOTH over my lap for a double spanking!

girls spanking girls


  1. Lol I'd certainly be more likely to tune in.

  2. LOL!! Agreed 100%... Maybe You should send them Your idea and resume! I could be used as a reference!

  3. I actually went through a quite lengthy interview process for another reality show (not The Bachelor). By the 3rd interview I had just started working in the fetish industry, and realized that these reality shows dig pretty deep in order to get a "juicy" show. I realized I was going to have to chose. Either drop out of fetish work (it was maybe a few weeks into it so I could have dropped of the fetish scene without leaving a trace) and continue on with the reality show. Or... drop out of the reality show and continue working in the fetish world. If you hadn't already guessed what I chose, I dropped out of the reality show...