Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Testimonial From Crie, My First Female Client!

Thank you Crie for the lovely testimonial.  Your words are beautifully written & it really means a lot to know I made a difference for you.  Miss Jenn D.

Dear Miss Jenn,
Expressing my gratitude just seems inadequate right now.
I believe it is rare to have a dream really come true and to walk away from it feeling like absolutely everything that you hoped for, really just happened.
That was my experience with You.  You truly listened to me.  Prior to us meeting, you asked thought provoking questions, sometimes digging a little deeper.  You met me with a full understanding of my situation, my wants and my needs.  Your professionalism is outstanding!  Your ability to turn on that switch and take control is something that no one should ever doubt!  With me it was role-play based, that was filled with a realism that made everything else just fall away.  You took the stubborn tantrum throwing little girl me, right over your lap and brought her to the place of acceptance of discipline for the first time in her life.  The fire that you did ignite in my backside is still a warm sting as I sit here and write this.
Anyone thinking of coming to you for a session needs to stop thinking it and just take the step.  I know, they will not be disappointed!
Thank You Miss Jenn for giving me a memory I will never forget!
With the greatest respect,

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