Friday, January 22, 2016

Feeling the Love...

What beautiful gifts from *J, an absolute sweetheart in Dallas.  The top one, "Small Hickory", a silky smooth (in my opinion) OTK paddle hand carved out of hickory wood.  The bottom one, "The Brute", made of black walnut wood and engraved with my name!!!! It's a force to be reckoned with, 18" long and a full 1/4"thick and 3"wide. And both are so silky smooth that I just love the feel of them against my skin, and you will too!

What a beautiful belt, a lovely gift from *B in Houston. Sturdy, stiff, and a great snap!

I hadn't been back in Seattle more than 30 minutes, when *C showed up with a belated Christmas present for me. Would you like a heart on your bottom?

Definitely feeling the love from Dallas to Houston to Seattle.  And thank you to those wonderful spankee's who gave me rides to the airport in far away cities as well as back at home in Seattle, as well as those who brought me meals, ran errands, and picked up other things that I so very much needed.  I can't thank you enough!!!

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  1. These are awesome and yes beautiful! What wonderful gifts to have been given. I am so glad that when You are on the road, people step up and help You when needed. That, is one of the best gifts of all!