Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"The Chair" a Spanking Story By Crie

I arrived in Seattle earlier than I had expected.  It was one of those rare days where everything in my schedule shifted nicely and gave me some much needed time to myself.  The hotel I was staying at was so easy to find and thankfully had  free parking right on the premises.  Seemed that everything was going my way.  Even the desk clerk who checked me in was friendly and polite.  There was only a couple of minutes of wait time for my room to be completely ready.  As I was heading up in the elevator, I breathed a long sigh of relief.  A smile played across my face as I looked down at my luggage.  Mmmm, yes, I was ready for this weekend to begin.
The room itself was like so many I had stayed in before.  Nothing too fancy, simply decorated and inviting.  Not bothering to unpack anything yet, I went to the bed and let my body just fall backward onto it.  Freedom, oh, it felt so good.
I travel a lot for my work, speaking to different groups about early childhood sexual abuse.  There is a thrill that runs through me each time I take my first look at the crowd I am about to speak to.  It never grows old.  There is just something about having a microphone connected to me, or one held in my hand that puts me in my element.  I have no trouble taking control of the room and holding their attention as I speak.  Some days it is almost intoxicating.  Needless to say, I love what I do.  One of the drawbacks that comes with being a public speaker is a misconception that I am exactly the same on stage as off.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I can hold my own on the stage and at the meet and greet afterward, but then, I want my space and to be away from the crowd.  For that reason, I rarely even stay at the same hotel where the convention is being held.
I got up and began hanging up my clothes, smoothing out some wrinkles that threatened to become stubborn.  Laying my suitcase on the bed I began removing other items and laying them out along the top of the dresser.  There were a couple of paddles, a slapper or two and a wooden spoon.  My hands ran along each one almost lovingly as I placed them side by side.  The tingling in my belly was growing stronger and spreading through my body.  I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at them.  My mind had fantasied about these objects actually being used on my backside more times than I could count.  Tonight, that fantasy was to become reality.  I had taken the plunge and made an appointment with Miss Jenn.  Being accustomed to being in control I  had told her what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how.  All she had to do was show up.  
I was ready so I picked up my phone and called her to tell her I was in town and that we were still on for 7:00 that evening.  She picked up before the third ring and I told her who I was.  Interestingly enough, that is about as far as I got.  The conversation was not going the way that I had imagined it would in my head.  I had expected at least some sort of pleasantry, how was traffic?, etc and then just a confirmation that she would be there at my requested time.  Instead, she asked me about the furniture in my room!  Was there a desk, did it have a chair, what did the chair look like?  Keeping the annoyance out of my voice, I answered her questions.  It was a simple wooden desk with a matching straight backed chair.  With a hint of giddiness in her voice, she said, *great!*  Then she instructed me to place it directly in front of the television facing toward the bed and leave it there until she arrived.  She confirmed the time and hung up.  What in the hell was this?  This certainly was not anything I had expected or requested.
I stared at the phone in my hand then tossed it on the bed.  My eyes went to the desk and chair I had just described.  There is no way I am going to move that chair, let alone put it in front of the television!  What kind of power trip was this woman on anyway?  Reaching for the remote, I turned the television on and started flipping through channels.  Remote in hand, my eyes kept returning to that damn desk and chair. No!  Just forget about it and watch some television.  Now, I was talking to myself.  I am not sure if there truly was nothing on the television or if I was just too frustrated to concentrate long enough on anything.  I got up and started pacing back and forth in the small room.  Back and forth between the desk and the dresser.  On one of my turns past the dresser, I opened the top drawer and used my arm to sweep all of the implements into it and slammed it shut.  Going into the bathroom, I splashed some cold water on my face and looked in the mirror.  It was cool in the room, yet I was sweating.  I thought back over that brief phone call.  Ok, so it didn't go as I expected but all she had asked me to do was move a chair.  I straightened myself up, rolled my shoulders and looked at my reflection.  What's so hard about moving a chair?  I walked back out into the room and straight to the desk, picked up the chair and put it where she had asked.  There! The damn thing is where you want it to be Jenn.  
Getting back on the bed, I looked at the clock.  I still had 3 hours before she would arrive.  Picking up the remote again I turned it toward the t.v.. Dammit, there was that damn chair.  Some cop show came on and I tried to concentrate on it.  The freaking chair kept grabbing my attention and I lost track of any plot that was playing on the television.  My mind started wandering.  Remembering the pictures I had seen of her sitting on chairs, some just like this one.  Some guy draped over her lap wearing a bright red ass.  That is not my style.  Just bend me over the end of the bed and go to town on my ass.  Jenn knows this, I told her.  So, why is that chair right there, sitting where I have no choice really but to look at it?  The thought dawns on me that Jenn might actually be thinking that she is going to sit there and drape me over her lap.  Oh hell, no!  I am not going to be treated like a child.  I think to myself that I could really just show her and set that damn chair out in the hallway.  Picking up the chair, I do start toward the door, indignation flooding through me.  Before I can make those few steps, my body just stops.  A sense of defeat or something like it takes over as I turn and set the chair back in place.  Sitting on the end of the bed, I stare at it.  Why did I come here?  I made all these plans, set everything up and here I was so close to getting the spanking I had been craving.  Someone please explain to me how a stupid old hotel chair could have any effect on me, let alone this strong of an effect?  What is happening to me?  My hand reaches out and slides over the smooth wood of the seat.  The excited anticipation I came here with has certainly changed.  Slowly I push myself up and open the drawer with the implements.  They are familiar to me, I know how each feels and as usual, I know what to expect.  My hands run over them as if I was gently caressing an old friend.  Silently I close the drawer and leave them inside.  Sitting back on the bed with my head in my hands, I hear a knock on the door.  Quickly my eyes dart to the clock.  It can't possibly be 7:00 already.  But it is.  Feeling drained and anything but the in control highly confident person who had entered the room, I opened the door.  Miss Jenn stood there, her eyes taking me in for a moment before looking past me into the room.  Motioning her in, she came in and sat on that chair, setting her own bag beside her.  She looks at me and says that she can tell that I have had an *interesting* afternoon.  Still standing, I reply with a Yes Ma'am.  I tell her that I have the implements I had told her I would bring and that they were in the drawer behind her.  I went on to say that I guessed that she didn't want any of them.  Her smile and nod said it all.  I went on and said to her, *the chair, you did that on purpose, didn't you?*  She replied that she did and went on to explain.  She told me that she knew my job was demanding and that I was one who was in control of everything and although I had said that I wanted everything tonight to be a certain way with certain things, she had guessed correctly, that what I needed was exactly the opposite.  When she told me it was time to bare my back side and lay across her knees for my spanking, I didn't hesitate.  I held onto that wooden leg of the chair and received exactly what was needed.

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