Monday, September 14, 2015

Thank You For The Gifts

Thank you *Steve for the lovely shirt on your business trip to Guam & thank you *Puppy Dog for the super cute red skirt! Did you know that red is my favorite color?

People always ask what kind of gifts they can bring. Well right now I would *really like a gift certificate to Cane-Iac as there are some new toys I've been wishing for. But here are a few other ideas:

- Shoes (I'm size 9 or 9.5)
- Movie passes (AMC, Regal, Cinebarre, iPic)
- Gift certificate to Bartell Drugs or Walgreens
- Subway gift certificate 
- Costco gift certificate
- Lotions that are paraben free & sulfate free
- Gift certificate to Fred Meyer, Old Navy, Ross, or Nordstrom
- Books on spanking or other fetish topics
- Get me a custom made spanking shirt from the store Snap at Northgate Mall

To contact me regarding an in person spanking session, a phone session, or a meet-n-greet, please email

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