Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

Monday is typically the most hated & dreaded day of the week but not when you have a Monday like I do ;)  *Alex came over and boy did we have a fun spanking playtime. Wouldn't you agree? At one point his bum was the color of a most gorgeous sunset. Thank you Alex, for making today a "Happy Monday!" and also for letting me break in some of my new implements from Cane-Iac out on you (or rather your bum, hehe). They were just delivered today, so they were truly brand spanking new!

Professional Disciplinarian

hairbrush OTK spanking

OTK spanks


  1. Jenn, you certainly know how to spank a bottom bright red! Hat'e off to you Ma'am

  2. Why thank you! Thrilled to pieces receiving your lovely comment :)

  3. Hi Jenn I just Love your blog!!!! I wonder if I could see your sexy feet if I was in a scissor lock. I would love to be spanked by you. One day it might just be a dream come true . I live near Newport Oregon not far of a drive. :))))