Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

Monday is typically the most hated & dreaded day of the week but not when you have a Monday like I do ;)  *Alex came over and boy did we have a fun spanking playtime. Wouldn't you agree? At one point his bum was the color of a most gorgeous sunset. Thank you Alex, for making today a "Happy Monday!" and also for letting me break in some of my new implements from Cane-Iac out on you (or rather your bum, hehe). They were just delivered today, so they were truly brand spanking new!


  1. Jenn, you certainly know how to spank a bottom bright red! Hat'e off to you Ma'am

  2. Why thank you! Thrilled to pieces receiving your lovely comment :)

  3. Hi Jenn I just Love your blog!!!! I wonder if I could see your sexy feet if I was in a scissor lock. I would love to be spanked by you. One day it might just be a dream come true . I live near Newport Oregon not far of a drive. :))))