Saturday, September 12, 2015

Have A Testimonial or Spanking Story You'd Like To Share? Also, Now Offering Phone Sessions!

Do you have a Testimonal/Review about a spanking session or a phone session that we've had, that you would like to share? Or do you have a fictional spanking story that you'd either like to share with me personally or possibly with my blog?  Shoot me an email, and we'll go from there...

Also I just recently started offering phone sessions/consultations. Please contact me for rates and methods of payment.  Some people use this as a way to get to know me better in order to decide whether they would like an "in person" spanking session with me. It's important to know who your professional disciplinarian is, whether you have common spanking interests, whether you get along and have "spanking chemistry", and more... Some people just LOVVVVEEEEE to talk about spanking: spanking's they've had in the past, spankings they are looking forward to having one day in the future, discussing some of the old fashioned spanking photos and videos that are out there, and more.  Some people are new and just have lots and lots of questions. Some people find it therapeutic, (despite that I am not a therapist) to talk to me.  I used to volunteer on the Crisis Line and have a lot of empathy for people, and really enjoy the connection of one-on-one conversations whether on the phone or in real life. Some people want to discuss some of their "sins" and why they think they should be spanked.  Some people just want to hear me laugh or the sound of my voice. I have a personal friend who tells me that he calls me up just to hear my voice because he says it sounds "musical", and almost like a song to him.  I don't get it, but everyone has their own opinion... And some people are just lonely and want to talk.  We can talk about spankings, we can talk about another fetish that you may have, or just every day stuff.  Hope to hear from YOU soon.

Miss Jenn Davis

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