Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thank You Steve for the Wonderful Testimonial

Thank you Steve for the wonderful review. We sure had a great week didn't we between our meet-n-greet & then your 2 sessions? It definitely helped to start things out on such a great foundation. Here is what Steve wrote in his own words:

I tried discipline sessions before but could never explain what I wanted exactly and the past experience was not great. The sessions with Jenn were different. First we had meet-n-greet where we talked about my interests and some technical details. I like role plays more than actual spanking and we agreed on a flexible plan with with a certain direction. Then Jenn sent me an e-mail asking for more details some were personal but reasonable, like full name, phone number etc. I filled the form and used for a deposit and within minutes got a message from Jenn that our sessions are confirmed. Then we had two sessions that were incredibly close to my fantasies.


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