Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spanks n Cuddles

The other day I had a session with *Henry, who is a charming, sweet older gentleman.  As our session was drawing to a close, Henry told me that he felt that he really bonded with me during our session and that he was wondering if there was a request I might consider. He told me that his wife had passed away 12 years ago, and that what he really missed was touch. He missed cuddling and touch, nothing sexual, just platonic caring spooning or being spooned. He wondered if he paid me for another hour of my time, would I be open to cuddling on the couch, with our clothes on, nothing inappropriate? I said yes, and it ended up being a very fun experience for both of us. I remember a few years back reading a magazine article about a girl in Oregon who started a cuddling business and I also heard about a guy here in Seattle who does the same thing. So I've decided on a trial basis to include this as a service I offer. Clothes will remain on, no sexual contact, and no inappropriate behavior will take place or the session will have to be cut short. Studies do show that lack of human touch is a big factor in causing depression. Platonic human touch causes a chemical in our brain, oxitocin to be released. Oxitocin is good for reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure, helping to relieve pain and reducing inflammation. No wonder touch therapy (professional cuddling) has become so popular!

If this is something you are interested in please let me know before our session, thank you. 

* I did ask Henry if this was ok to mention in my blog, and he gave his approval so long as I used a fake name for him.



  1. I love when after my spanking is finished my "auntie" lotions my sore bottom then cuddles me on her lap on her rocking chair. A wonderful feeling of forgiveness and security.

  2. After i have been spanked , i always get a hug , i really crave it !!!