Friday, September 17, 2021

Thank you all to those who have been supporting me during a challenging month


Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn

As many of you know I had planned to go into isolation in preparation for my D.C. trip Sept 8 - Oct 31st if you had read this blog post:

But I ended up getting a back injury & because of this ended up in isolation from Sept 5th onward (with one exception where I spent the day with a friend). I'm still not fully recovered from the back injury but am definitely getting there & it won't be affecting my spanking ability one iota.  I am struggling with a cold as well (I checked, it's not COVID) &some days/hours are worse than other times.  Because of my illness & injury, as well as the laundry room in my building flooding and the stench giving me a raging headache all week... I'm unfortunately not even remotely able to work anything close to full-time. To give you an idea of how badly it's affecting me, so far this blog post has taken me 1.5 hours to write...and I'm only on paragraph 2.

Since I'm not doing in-person sessions right now, the best way to support me is by doing phone sessions or purchasing clips. And of course, tributes & gifts are always appreciated. The longer this drags on, the more I fall behind in my work & all my work emails. Right now I'm only able to respond to 5-10% of my emails. If you get lucky and I happen to be standing in line at the grocery store when your email comes in & you have a quick question that I can answer in 2-min, you might just be lucky and get an immediate response, but that's not the norm. When I'm off work for an extended period of time like this, this is always the time that people get the most mad at me for not responding to their emails/texts or they start freaking out because they have a question regarding their session next week and I'm not responding like I normally am.

Ways to support me:

- phone or skype sessions

- holding off on sending emails/text messages/twitter messages, unless it's related to my D.C. trip, a phone session, or regarding a custom audio

- Tips or tributes on my platforms. Gifts from my Amazon wishlist for my birthday or to feel better soon.

- If you want to let me know you are thinking about me & sending me good vibes, feel free to add a comment to one of my blog posts or add a public comment on Twitter. But please don't fill up my inbox or blow up my phone asking me how I'm doing, I'm already behind in my emails due to being sick, and being buried under an avalanche of emails asking how I'm doing is only going to add to my workload instead of reducing it.

- Right now my work phone is off most of the day since I'm ill. But as of next week, my work phone will be back on because of my D.C. trip. Please don't text as your text or call will interrupt someone else's session & that's not cool.

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