Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thank You For the Birthday Wishes (September is my bday month!)

And for those of you who have asked what the link to my wishlist is, here it is! 

Amazon wishlist:

Other birthday gift ideas:
  • I also have some BIG birthday items on my wishlist this year that most of you can't afford, but if you sent me an Amazon gift card and say a few other people did that, then maybe I could purchase one of those big ticket items. For example if an item is $175, then it's probably $200 after taxes and shipping. So if 4 people got me $50 Amazon gift cards, then I'd be able to purchase it.
  • I loving clothing & shoes (see my Amazon wishlist)

Miss Jenn spanks


  1. Big plans are in the works.
    --- debbie

  2. Happy Birthday Jenn....are you ready for your birthday Spanking?

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful!

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Jenn! I would gladly take all your birthday spankings for you!