Friday, September 24, 2021

Come here naughty boy

come here naught boy let me take those pants down

 let me pull those pants down


  1. Miss Jenn with your sexy greeting my knees got week and buckled. Your silky and shapely legs are going to make this spanking worth every painful smack you put on my bare bottom.

  2. And having pretty Mommy pull down naughty devil's pants and yank him over her silky knees where he belongs is such a thrill to be repeated over and over again!
    ND =;)

  3. Miss Jenn, I'm a naughty boy trapped in a man's body. When you pull down my clean, white briefs and bare my bubble butt, then pull me over your thighs, my poor pale backside will have goosebumps because I'll know what's coming and how much your paddle will hurt.

    You may smile, but your strong arm will blister my skin and turn me into that little boy who deserves exactly what he got. I'll sob and cry on your lap, but you won't stop paddling my super sore bare bottom until you're ready. Afterwards, if I'm a lucky young man, you'll take lotion and slowly massage my punished cheeks as I squirm and moan. Your fingers will slide along down and through the tender cleavage between my cheeks, stirring sensations that almost allow me to forget how you gave the paddling of a lifetime to a naughty little boy in a man's body.

  4. Well madam, but madam this wooden paddle in your hand makes me terrified, especially when I'm with you in the punishment room and my clothes are far from me, and I know how much you like to use that paddle on bare bottoms, well I'll start crying as soon as you grabbed me by the ear.