Sunday, August 15, 2021

There is a Reason the Ebony Hairbrush is so Feared

ebony hairbrush spanking by professional disciplinarian

Tell me what your experience with the ebony hair brush is? Do you enjoy or hate ebony hair brush spankings?

Do you like arm locks while being spanked? How about the leg lock?

What is your favorite spanking position? 


  1. Agony is over the lap of the B-Holder!

  2. Agony is over the lap of the B-Holder!

  3. Both Ebony and Ivory hairbrushes are needed for playing a spanking concerto hitting those high and low notes with a crescendo of squeals and tears. For a cultural event spanking, just imagine playing the 1812 Overture on with a bare bottom otk with ebony and ivory hairbrushes! So much fun being a retired naughty devil day dreaming about outrageously naughty spanking scenarios all day!
    ND =;)

  4. My bottom knows from experience that ebony hairbrush really likes a bottom on fire. It is definitely feared.
    -- debbie

  5. Yes i like to get my arm and leg looked during my OTK spanking, It makes me feel like the lady is riding me