Sunday, August 22, 2021

Handing Over the Implement to the Disciplinarian


 Do you enjoy being told to hand over the implement? Or you choosing to hand it over on your own free will?


  1. I'd like for you to tell me to select and pick up a hairbrush from your table and to bring it to you. After I reluctantly hand it over without being able to look into your eyes, I want you to tell me to lower my trousers and silk boxers and position my bare bottom over your lap, with my bottom positioned high in the air. The rest will be up to you and it'll last seemingly forever until you tell me to get up, wipe the tears away and put the hairbrush back where it was.

  2. I see the disciplinarian in complete control. No free will for me, and bathbrush spanking is not something I would be smiling about.

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