Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Who Needs a Good Spanking? A Good Hairbrush Spanking to Be Precise...


Professional Disciplinarian holding Kent hairbrush for spanking

Isn't this Kent hair brush a beauty?


  1. i need a good handspanking to tears like a little naughty boy!

  2. I could use one, although I'd prefer your hand, (both left & Right)

  3. I'll be getting a hairbrush spanking whether I need it or not. And I'm sure it'll be on my bare bottom too.
    -- debbie

  4. Just when doesn't naughty devil need a good spanking???? Naughty devils always strive to maintain their incorrigibly sassy naughtiness rating's currency to always be in need of good bare bottom otk spankings, that's our sole function in life. And it's for plural for spankings of course, teasing to need only one spanking is never enough to fully exasperate and amuse cutie spanker doll Mommies like Miss Jenn into giving the good hard long glowing red bare bottom spanking that is truly needed, earned and wickedly desired.
    ND =;)