Monday, January 25, 2021

Why does everything seem to hit all at once?


professional disciplinarian

Why does everything always seem to happen at once? Over the past few weeks, I'd had a bit more "free time" than usual and devoted to it uploading & editing a lot of my backlogged video content as well as new audio content. Things got rolling at different stages and now I've got about 7 projects all happening at once.  Then add in the fact that a bunch of my clip sites changes their rules on what they no longer allow, and I've been scampering to make changes to my site/clips/listings to keep them up.

So if you have sent me an email or you are helping me with one of my projects, please know that I have most likely received your email and will get around to responding or thanking you individually once I get a free moment...but right now I am spread incredibly thin due to all these changing rules that I was given little or no notice about. It's really hard when you have to do 10 things at once and all of them have "urgent" or "high priority" stamped on them. 

Until then *spank, spank*!

Thank you for understanding, being a part of my wonderful community, and helping me out in so many different ways.

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